Heavy Water Cult - Happy Doomsday EP
ink drawing, digital coloring
Come to the Sabbath
private mixed-media poster
Aeon Temple - selftitled EP
ink drawing, digital coloring
graphic design using altered untitled engraving
Soulreaver - Katharsis Album Artwork
hand-drawn logo / mixed-media backdrop using altered versions of Gustave Dorés depiction of Dantes Inferno
mixed-media print
Heavy Water Cult logo & icon
logo design
Chaos God Conception Shirt
mixed-media illustration / graphic design
mixed-media print using altered still from Friedrich Wilhelm Murnaus 1926 movie
My Sleeping Karma Poster
mixed-media poster
Aeon Temple Logo & Backdrop
hand-drawn logo / mixed-media backdrop
visual riffs II : Hooded Menace
Hooded Menace - "Night of the Deathcult" vs "Tomb of the Blind Dead"
visual riffs I : CONAN vs Conan
Video-Mash-up of the english doom band and my favorite cimmerian.
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